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Artist Call

RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR “VIRTUALIS TEMPUS” EXHIBITION has the pleasure to present the participation call for the next virtual collective exhibition called suggestive “VIRTUALIS TEMPUS” which will take place online in June 2022 in a three-dimensional exhibition environment useable in real-time on the gallery website.

The virtual space can be visited via any internet browser, being the place where a dialogue can take place between artists and the audience. The exhibition has its doors open to the public all over the World, without the need for tickets or travel costs. “VIRTUALIS TEMPUS” exhibition is accessible to all people (artists and art lovers).


  • Can participate, contemporary artists, of all nationalities and over 18 years old;
  • There is no theme, so any subject and any working medium are accepted to participate in the selection;
  • Both 2D and 3D works can be entered for selection;
  • Video art is not allowed;
  • The work must be the original creation of the artist;
  • Nude is accepted in competition. Artwork depicting sexual violence or sexual intercourse is not accepted;
  • There are no size limitations;
  • The artwork does not have to be for sale to be entered into the competition;
  • All 3D inputs require front, rear, and side views for them to be properly considered and evaluated;



  • Promoting artists through an international event that will reach viewers around the world;
  • Promoting contemporary art internationally;
  • During the event, 30-60 artists will be selected to participate in the exhibition;
  • During the event aims to promote and advertise artists and their art through its channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram;


RECOGNITION OF THE MERITS OF ARTISTS will grant to one artist, among those participating in the exhibition “VIRTUALIS TEMPUS” DISTINCTION OF MERIT (diploma of artistic merit) which will be sent in a printable digital format. In addition, the winner will benefit from a laudation in Gazeta de Maine newspaper pages and a showcase display on the gallery website.
For the other 13 participants at the exhibition, will award “ART13” MERIT DISTINCTION (diploma of artistic merit) which will be sent in printable digital format.
All participating artists in the exhibition will receive by e-mail a certificate of artistic merit as selected artists and event participants. The certificate will be sent in a printable digital format. rulings and decisions regarding the selection of exhibitors and the awarding of diplomas and certificates of artistic merit are final and cannot be challenged!


  • Configuration of the virtual exhibition hall;
  • Assistance in the virtual room throughout the exhibition;
  • The event will be online 24 hours a day and can be visited by an audience from all continents;
  • Graphic creation of a catalog of participating artists, which will be available/searchable on the gallery’s website;
  • Artists and works will be presented on the most important social networks;
  • During the event, several photos will be taken from the virtual gallery, which will be posted on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook networks;



The selection phase is free and without obligations on the part of the artist.

Every artist who wishes to participate will have to go through the first phase of free selection by submitting 2 images of their works in jpeg format at good resolution, for a correct and sincere evaluation. is responsible for choosing the most suitable work for the current exhibition and the selection of exhibitors.

For every artwork , the artist must point correctly: artist name and surname, work title, technique, dimensions (base, height and possible depth), year of completion. All these data must be submitted in English and in Word format document. The image must be in JPEG format, 72 dpi, must not contain a frame and must not exceed 3 MB. It is important to follow these recommendations so that your work is not overshadowed by an unfocused and unclear photo. The artist can also send a short CV, preferably in Word or PDF format.

The artist will receive an e-mail confirming his participation only if selected. This information will be received by the applicant within 3 days from the date of sending the request to participate at our e-mail address.

The selection phase takes place between May 10 and June 10, 2022.

The works and data requested for the selection can be sent to the email address, with the mention PARTICIPATION IN THE EXHIBITION “VIRTUALIS TEMPUS”.


After receiving the confirmation e-mail, the artist will be able to pay the participation fee, representing the equivalent of 13 Euro (65 RON), within 24 hours, to participate in the art exhibition “VIRTUALIS TEMPUS”.
The fee is charged to partially cover the costs of organizing the event.
Payment will be made by the artist into an account submitted by the organizers or by a payment link that the participant will receive via email with all details to complete the payment.
The official list of participants in the virtual art exhibition will be published on our website on June 13, 2022.
On June 30, 2022, the name of the artist who will be awarded the “MERIT DISTINCTION VIRTUALIS TEMPUS” and the 13 artists awarded with the DISTINCTION OF MERIT “ART 13” will be announced.
Between July 1-5, 2022, the certificates of artistic merit will be sent to all the artists participating in the exhibition.


The registered art must be the work of the artist and the artist must own all copyrights for the submitted work. The artists are responsible for the content of the works of art sent to contest. does not directly engage in the works of art sale presented in any of its online exhibitions, neither represents the submitted artists. All questions from potential buyers who see the artwork on our site will be re-directed to the artist for negotiation.
The copyright on the work of art remains permanently to the artist, but is granted only the right to use the submitted works of art, for display, marketing, and promotion purposes for that art exhibition and any future competitions and exhibitions, online art on various platforms or in the print media.
By sending the e-mail for the virtual exhibition, the artists authorize the processing of personal data, for the Regulation, within the scope of the European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data GDPR (EU Reg. 2016/679). reserves the right to extend the selection period or to cancel the organization of the exhibition. If the exhibition is canceled, the registration fee paid by the selected artists will be refunded to them. Artists participating in the exhibition will not be able to withdraw their works during the exhibition.

Participation in the exhibition corresponds to the full acceptance of the conditions contained in these regulations by the artist.


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