This exhibition is not just a sequence of metaphors, but a way of communication arising as a need to adapt to today’s world, namely to the needs of space-time.

Yes, I name it right, our time needs its space! A typical world with universal perspectives to get acquainted with the subtleties of life. A formula in which humans can contain tones of sublime, essential transparency points, sensual, and full of ceremonial tons of sensibility.

The exhibition includes unique geographies and bold feelings, promoted by Gallery 13 in a contemporary space with magnificent notations of lyricism where planet disease disappears with the existential structure of masks and no longer becomes a dramatic, permanent and existential burden.

„Flights between walls”  is a refugee of estetic signs which exists, today, in „poetry” of  Liviu Șoptelea, Silvia Chirilă,  Roni Reuven, Oara Larisa Mutu Mindoiu, Andrei Coptil,  Ion Ciuta, Cătălin Barbu, Dorel Dinișoară and Florin Preda-Dochinoiu.

The nine artists inaugurate a new space, a modern-lyric space, factual, breaking the formal bonds of sacrifice, as a starting point of myth for sacrifices and choices of future generations.


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